091910 – aka I rarely get to use these poses



I can also say that every single one of these poses comes from don’t freak out!.


Skin: Miss Hawaiin Twopic – {Strumpet}
Hair: Benten (Carrot Cake) – ploom
Polish: french – Ibizarre
Makeup1: Beautymark (Bayonetta) – L.Fauna
Makeup2: Makeup 51 – GARAGE
Makeup3: Lashes (Vivienne) #7 – Cheap Makeup
Tattoo: Cosmic Garden Black (Medium) – ::Para Designs::
Eyes: Covet (Rose Gold) – Shine
Ears: Type 2 Stretched Ear (Elf) – AITUI


Shirt: ~ DoRK T-Shirt – * RezIpsa Loc *
Skirt: Corduroy Mini (Camel) – Kyoot
Tights: moth socks (red) – Rotten Toe
Shoes: Sneakers (Brown) – [IHS]
Necklace: Chango Necklace (Pewter) – *Ticky Tacky*
Bracelet1: TARTAN CRAZE Bangles Set (Red Rock) – [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]
Bracelet2: Insomniac Bangles (Skully Pout) – *Ticky Tacky*
Glasses: Buddy Glasses – DECO

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