Skin: Stem Adelle (Sunset) – !Imabee:
Hair: Dog Roses (Kit Kat) – !lamb.
Makeup1: Tattoo Make up (Smokey) – Caithlin Carter Designs
Makeup2: blacknature – Cheap Makeup
Makeup3: Romaana Lip (Chocolate) – AtomicBambi
Eyes: Daydream Eyes (Gilted)- Items by Gwenore Juliesse
Ears: Elven Ear – :GAUGED:
Nail Polish: nail polish (golden) – Ibizarre


Shirt: Arg Half Button Shirt (White) – Nyte’N’Day
Undershirt: Fracas Tee (Gold) – Nyte’N’Day
Dress: Sex & Candy Leather Mini Dress (Mocha) – Kyoot
Leggings: Leggies (Brown) – Ducknipple
Belt: Basic White Belt (tinted) – Nyte’N’Day
Shoes: Iggy Shoe – >TRUTH<
Ring: Rosa ring *yellow* – /artilleri/
Necklace: Sunflower Necklace – *~*HopScotch*~*
Monocle: Daydreams Monocle (Rose) (tinted) – Sanu

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