This blog is for chronicling my adventures in Second Life.  I have a huge inventory, and I tend to shop like a fiend.  Unlike a lot of SL bloggers, I buy all my stuff, rather than get review copies, and I love sale stuff.  I also made my own shape.  Enjoy!

If I get asked questions I’ll add them below, though I figure my blog will be small/obscure enough that most people will never ever ask me anything. 😉

Q. I like your shape – is it for sale?

A. Nope.  I’ve worked pretty hard on both my male and female shapes, and they’re for me only.  I like really strong profiles, and my avatars tend to have a little meat on them.  When I see an avatar with the fat slider turned all the way to zero, it makes me sad. ;~;

Q. Would you like a review copy of _______?

A. I like getting free things!  But I am not a review blog – I am just a dude (I use dude as a non-gendered term for anyone), who posts stuff she wears.  You’re more than welcome to send me something, but I won’t be looking at every part of it and recommending other people buy it, it’ll just be a part of my outfit.  There’s tons of review blogs out there, try them first!  They’ll appreciate it!

Q. Can I link to your blog?

A. Sure!  Though you should probably let me know, so I can link you back if your blog is JAWESOME.

Q. When do you post?

A. The weekends – which incidentally, is also when I shop. 😉

Q. What poses do you use?  Why don’t you credit them?

A. Hey, no fair, two questions.  I have a ton of poses from lots of places – but most of my favorites come from don’t freak out! and Olive Juice.  I tend to take between 30-40 shots for each outfit, and I often forget to write down what I’m using, so when it comes to picking 3 favorite pics, I have no idea what went with what.  Sorry!

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